Most of what is here is private: my daily journal, todo list, appointment calendar, and so on. Visitors should expect to see a lot of 'you aren't allowed to read this page' notices. I am using this wiki as a private cloud: a place to store files that I can access from anywhere that has an Internet connection.


I run three personal wikis:

I also host some other web sites:

Internal Pages

  • DailyJournal: a project-related diary
  • WebSiteStats: I am now seeing enough activity on one of my web sites that occasionally looking at the stats makes sense.
  • Wills‍Wiki Boat‍Shop pages: begun in September, 2010. The good stuff in this section is being moved to Woodhull Boat Shop, which launched in May, 2012. What remains on this site will gradually disappear like a fading Cheshire Cat.
  • BlenderNotes: journal during acquisition of Blender 3D modeling skills. The journaling idea did not work out. I expect to mine this area for any gems and put them on EmGee's Place where they are a better fit.
  • PerlStuff I used to use Perl quite a bit. Now, not so much.
  • BikeStuff: Metro master plan, bike log, etc
  • CampingList. A check list based on REI, other sources.
  • The Colors Page is a tool I built for exploring web page font and background colors during web design. This is outside of the wiki and there is no direct return. You may want to open it in a new tab.
  • FromThePalm: stuff carried forward that needs to be shuffled into a new home, sometime
  • TheFeyianLessons
  • ReferenceS: a grab-bag of data and howto items that I need from time to time
  • TheArchives: Stuff that was once on this or associated pages and is no longer current
  • SystemStuff: links to hardware support pages, etc

External Sites




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